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Love on Every Breath

Author: Drolma, Lama Palden

Description: Many today feel called to action. Others are stymied, grief-stricken, confused about how to proceed. An ancient Tibetan Buddhist meditation -- Tonglen -- addresses this condition. One breathes in the suffering of others and breathes out compassion. But it is a difficult, advanced practice. Breathing in the suffering of others can be overwhelming. Lama Palden Drolma, a Western woman trained by Buddhist masters and also schooled in contemporary psychotherapy, here introduces readers to a variation of Tonglen that is no less powerful but more user-friendly. What she calls "Love on Every Breath" is a direct descendent of Tonglen, dating back centuries. Lama Drolma walks readers step-by-step through the meditation, from beginning issues of sitting with awareness and breath to taking in and extending love. Challenging situations of sadness, anger, and overwhelm are addressed with "On-the-Spot" strategies. Love on Every Breath elegantly and practically addresses a contemporary culture rife with anger, fear, and a sense of exclusion. The practices heal both the practitioner and the society in which they live.


ISBN: 9781608685769

Dimensions: 21.6 and 13.9 cm

Publish Date: 1/07/2019

Page Count: 256