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Mind, Body, Bump

Author: Williams, Brit

Description: Mind, Body, Bump empowers modern mamas-to-be by providing clear practical advice and a unique prenatal strength training programme to keep fit and healthy throughout the nine months of pregnancy. Power up your pregnancy with this unique prenatal training plan. Keeping active throughout pregnancy is incredibly beneficial for both you and your baby, helping to alleviate less glowing symptoms, aid labour and postnatal recovery, as well as contribute to healthy fetal development. Fitness guru Brit Williams has developed month-by-month workouts to support your body and bump at every stage of your pregnancy. Adaptable for all fitness levels, these exercises can be practised at home, outside in the park or in the gym with a few items of equipment or just your own bodyweight. With lifestyle advice including tips on mental wellbeing, sleep and nutrition, reading this book is like having a personal trainer and cheerleader by your side on every step of this rewarding journey.

Publisher: Quarto

ISBN: 9781781318584

Publish Date: 1/05/2019

Page Count: 192