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Nila's Babies

Author: Simensen, Jac

Description: A young nanny battles an ancient demon for the souls of the twin babies in her care... Lilith, an ancient demon, has been cursed by the gods of creation with eternal life. When her body begins to fail, she must transplant her mind into the body of a younger woman. She chooses a widower's twin babies as prey for her and her acolyte's next body transfers. Nila, the babies' young nanny, is the only one who can protect the twins from Lilith's debauchery. 'An impressive and vividly imagined story that will keep readers guessing throughout... Compelling and devilishly spooky.' KIRKUS Reviews

Publisher: Cosmic Egg Books

ISBN: 9781789041217

Dimensions: 21.6 and 14 cm

Publish Date: 15/06/2019