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TC: Twin Tarot Oracle Deck

Author: Bethell, Jeni

Description: This 44 colour card oracle deck features two "twin" cards for each of the twenty-two tarot major arcana archetypes. In each pair, one card represents the light and one the shadow, creating unique visual and conceptual interpretations while maintaining the fundamental integrity of the traditional major arcana. This deck has messages of wisdom and hope when used purely as an oracle; and it offers a creative and expansive approach for reading major arcana tarot spreads. The Twin Tarot Oracle deck is a powerful learning tool for students and beginners and a stimulating complementary deck for more advanced tarot readers.

Publisher: LO SCARABEO

ISBN: 9788865276068

Dimensions: 12.5 and 8.8 cm

Publish Date: 1/06/2019

Page Count: 44