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2020 I Am Goat

Author: Horan, Kevin

Description: Consider the goat—that clever, agile mischief-maker. In life and in mythology, this hoofed creature has captured our imaginations for thousands of years. This wall calendar puts goats in the spotlight as photographer Kevin Horan presents them in a unique and compelling way. Paired with quotes from some of history's great thinkers, these black-and-white portraits make the fuzzy subjects appear deep in thought. Goats just seem to know something we don't, and that's precisely what the artist conveys with his Chattel series, which he says "engages our own feelings about the souls within other beings, human or otherwise."


ISBN: 9781631365300

Dimensions: 30.48 and 30.48 cm

Publish Date: 1/08/2019

Page Count: 28