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2020 Bird Brains

Author: Ademeit, Wolf

Description: Ah, birds — those winged wonders. We can only imagine the observations of humanity they glean from such great heights. The the great heron, the mischievous rhea, and the elegant eagle are among the birds featured in this intriguing collection of black-and-white avian close-ups that will make your spirit soar. Internationally acclaimed photographer Wolf Ademeit seems to capture the very souls of his subjects as they appear to pause in moments of deep reflection. Paired with insightful yet offbeat quotes from great thinkers such as Mark Twain, Benjamin Franklin, and Oscar Wilde, these intimate bird portraits speak volumes about the human condition. The wisdom of these feathered philosophers is a reminder that we are all connected, that we are all, in fact, birds of a feather.


ISBN: 9781631365140

Dimensions: 30.48 and 30.48 cm

Publish Date: 1/08/2019

Page Count: 28