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Healthy Pregnancy Journal, The

Author: Sears, Martha

Description: Pregnancy brings many changes all at once. You might feel empowered and vulnerable, gorgeous and disheveled, and like a superhero and a scaredy-cat all within a single day. The Healthy Pregnancy Journal is designed to help expecting moms navigate this beautiful chaos with a journal tailor-made for the whole process.Written by Martha Sears and her daughter Hayden Sears, The Healthy Pregnancy Journal provides mothers with a safe space to reflect on their own physical and emotional well-being. Entries include spaces for bump pictures and tracking the baby’s development, along with fun journaling prompts about everything from food cravings and dreams to fears and feelings of loss. Features helpful guidance on all aspects of pregnancy: nutrition, exercise, birthing techniques, breastfeeding, self-care, and more.

Publisher: Sounds True

ISBN: 9781683642473

Dimensions: 23.5 and 18.7 cm

Page Count: 216