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Hugo: The Boy With the Curious Mark

Author: Devezy, Yohann

Description: HUGO was born with a beautifully curious mark. Although it’s something special, HUGO is concerned: he has never seen a rainbow mark on anyone else. Determined to find that someone else, HUGO sets out on a rollercoaster of emotion and adventure. He searches crowded spots in his city ,experiencing a rich array of human difference. His quest seems to be in vain. But just as he gives up, something amazing happens ...This gentle and heart-warming story explores how it feels to be different, with a contemporary edge that will resonate with modern readers. HUGO will help children understand the importance and power of acceptance, no matter what types of differences they may encounter in others.

Publisher: Red Paper Kite Publishing

ISBN: 9780648450207

Dimensions: 25.5 and 25.5 cm

Publish Date: 2019-04-01

Page Count: 40