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Infographic How It Works Machines and Motors

Author: Richards, Jon,Simkins, Ed

Description: If you've ever wondered what keeps the engines of the world turning, you've come to the right place. Using fascinating infographics, discover the fundamental processes of machines and vehicles: how to make a bicycle go, how a digger digs and how to make electricity. There are endless facts to learn about vehicles and motors, but once you've absorbed them, do you really know how these machines work? They keep on turning thanks to some incredible processes - and grasping them is the key to understanding machines. It's time to discover how cars go, how a plane flies and how to dig a tunnel. Pore over the step-by-step infographic art and fascinating facts to uncover the dazzling truth about man-made inventions - then try out the mind-bending challenges on each page!

Publisher: WAYLAND

ISBN: 9780750299664

Dimensions: 25 and 19 cm

Publish Date: 11/06/2019

Page Count: 32