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How to Be a Dad

Author: Duke, Oscar

Description: In this first doctor-written guide to fatherhood, Oscar combines the medical knowledge of a healthcare professional with his real-life experience to provide an honest, humorous and engaging book that takes you on a journey from baby scans to birthing pools and beyond. Written chronologically, the structure takes shape from body parts - chapters include the Womb (fertility to foetus), Stomach (filling it, hiding it and stopping it vomiting), Genes (the science of screening) and Vagina (different ways to get a baby out). Each chapter has a 'Dr' section containing easily digestible facts and clarifying daunting medical jargon that surrounds pregnancy and childbirth, and a 'Dad' section that contains more emotional and anecdotal tales from Oscar's male patients as well as his own experience. Also included are tips from mums, describing how they are feeling throughout pregnancy and advice on what dads can do (and not do!) to help ease the burden. 'I hope that as a doctor and a new dad, I will go some way towards answering those 'man questions' that never quite make it to the pub, locker-room, water cooler or any other locations where men might find themselves having meaningful chats with another guy. Think of this as a papery man-hug in what is a potentially treacherous world of terminology, hormones, social change, sleep deprivation and finally dirty nappies with tiny feet attached.'

Publisher: Kyle Books

ISBN: 9780857835451

Dimensions: 21.6 and 13.5 cm

Publish Date: 11/06/2019

Page Count: 208