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How to Be a Cat

Author: McClure, Nikki

Description: In this tender board book, a kitten practices the basics of feline behavior over the course of a day. A single word of text per spread teaches readers “how to be a cat”—how to stretch, clean, pounce, feast—while the striking paper cuts illustrate the kitten’s attempts to imitate an adult cat’s mastery of each skill. At times, the kitten triumphantly succeeds, and at other times the kitten struggles, in vignettes that range from whimsical to profound. A celebration of all things feline, How to Be a Cat also tells a universal story of mastering life skills, and of the loving relationship between parent and child.

Publisher: ABRAMS

Board Book
ISBN: 9781419734991

Dimensions: 20.32 and 15.88 cm

Publish Date: 07/05/2019

Page Count: 30