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Book About Whales, A

Author: Antinori, Andrea

Description: Acting as a first book of whales, A Book About Whales teaches young readers everything they need to know about the largest mammals on earth: how they have evolved over millions of years, what and how they eat, their migration patterns, and more! Andrea Antinori’s whimsical black-and-white illustrations bring their underwater world to life. The book discusses a variety of whales one by one so readers learn to tell the differences between a blue whale and a humpback whale, among others, and what makes each of these whales unique. Packed with facts and playful in tone, this book is a must-have for young and curious nature lovers. It includes a bibliography and index.

Publisher: ABRAMS

ISBN: 9781419735028

Dimensions: 27.18 and 23.88 cm

Publish Date: 14/05/2019

Page Count: 64