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Spirited Guide to Vermouth, A

Author: Bevan, Jack Adair

Description: Vermouth is gaining popularity as the new drink of choice. With dedicated vermouth bars opening in London, and the trend for botanical drinks showing no signs of slowing down, this is the perfect time to celebrate the herbal flavours of vermouth, both in cocktails as well as in recipes for food. Jack Adair Bevan is the perfect author to tell us exactly what this drink is, how to drink it and what to mix it with, including sections for cocktails to drink before sunset and after sundown. As a drinks maker and writer he has visited some of the best bars in the world and has spent years researching vermouth and trying as many varieties as possible. This book is the culmination of his research - his love letter to this versatile drink, showcasing it in a collection of recipes that allow it to shine. From a Somerset Appletini to a Rosemary Bijou via a Vodka Martinez and four twists on the classic Negroni, Jack also includes a chapter of lower alcohol versions of the classics. Let him take you on a journey of discovery and teach you not only how to make your own vermouth, but also how to use it in your cooking, from Vermouth-marinated Bavette Steak to Vermouth Sorbet.

Publisher: Headline Home

ISBN: 9781472262974

Dimensions: 22.2 and 13.8 cm

Publish Date: 28/05/2019

Page Count: 256