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Limitless Soul

Author: Blankinship, Bryn

Description: Access the soul level of your mind and resolve current life issues with this amazing collection of case studies. Using her hypnoregression technique, Soul Expression Spiritual Regression (SESR), author Bryn Blankinship shows how revisiting certain times in your soul's history can provide remarkable insights and release energetic blockages that are affecting your current life incarnation. The Limitless Soul presents different past life, afterlife, and future life cases that are unconnected to explore the many aspects of a soul's existence. These studies show that life is not a random series of events; they can be used to gain insight into your soul's future and explore earthly lessons for your current incarnation. This enlightening book also offers journal exercises, visualizations, meditations, and practices for improving many areas of your life, from clearing clutter to discovering your personal gifts.


ISBN: 9780738758886

Dimensions: 20.3 and 13.3 cm

Publish Date: 1/08/2019

Page Count: 240