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Author: Watts, Alan

Description: According to Alan Watts, "Zen taste deplores the cluttering of a picture or of a room with many objects." In that sense, this minimalist book embodies the aesthetic of Zen itself. Like a brushstroke in a Japanese ink painting, each word has been used sparingly and arranged precisely, with no unnecessary detail. In seven brief chapters, Watts captures the essence of Zen Buddhism as a religion and a way of life. He explains fundamental Zen concepts, introduces revered Zen thinkers, places Zen within the broader context of Eastern religion, and traces the influence of Zen in the arts. Illustrated with calligraphy and drawings by the author, this reprint of an old classic will delight fans of Alan Watts, while introducing new readers to a rare author who infused groundbreaking scholarship with literary brilliance.


ISBN: 9781608685882

Publish Date: 1/09/2019

Page Count: 96