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You Will (Probably) Survive

Author: Dubois, Lauren

Description: You Will (Probably) Survive is the parenting book that every new parent will wish they had. The reality, warts and all, will be laid out in Lauren DuBois's trademark hilarious style. She will tackle the realities of pregnancy, having a newborn, a baby and a toddler by breaking each stage down into bite-size chunks for the tired parent teetering on the brink. This is not a practical parenting handbook. It is a funny book that provides comfort and solace to parents through making light of the hard yards involved in looking after little people with big needs.

Publisher: ALLEN & UNWIN

ISBN: 9781760875473

Dimensions: 23.4 and 15.3 cm

Publish Date: 1/07/2019

Page Count: 376