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Hands to the Heart

Author: Bauermeister, Alex

Description: A yoga and mindfulness picture book that encourages young readers to breathe, slow down, and move into various gentle and playful poses as they ease into a practice of meditation. With a gentle reminder for children to breathe and to connect their bodies, this beautifully illustrated picture book contains a sweet cast of animal friends to guide young readers from one yoga pose to the next. From reaching your hands up to the sky to stretching like a cat to pressing up like a cobra snake, each posture helps to control breathing, engage in the present moment, and ultimately lead towards calmness and peacefulness. The soothing, rhythmic text paired with illustrations that offer a lot of sweet humor make this book perfect for young readers ready to interact with yoga poses and practice mindfulness. AGES: 4 to 7 AUTHOR: Alex Bauermeister is a yoga therapist helping people find more authenticity, courage, and connection in their lives. She used to work from behind a desk to change policy and organizations -- now she works from the mat to help people change themselves through yoga and mindfulness. Alex has a business degree and specializes in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and Kripalu Yoga, as well as leadership training in social justice and anti-racism work. SELLING POINTS: Beautiful art, colorfully patterned endpapers, sturdy POB format with thick pages that allow the book to lie flat when doing a pose, and a spare, rhythmic text make this the perfect gift for both young and older readers alike. Yoga and mindfulness books for children have been selling incredibly well, especially given the growing popularity of meditation and yoga in schools.

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin

ISBN: 9781328550415

Dimensions: 21.6 and 21.6 cm

Publish Date: 1-May-19