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CIA UFO Papers, The

Author: Wright, Dan

Description: The secret CIA papers that prove that the government has been tracking UFOs and extraterrestrials for over 50 years. In autumn 2016 the CIA sent to its website a cache of electronic files previously released under the Freedom of Information Act but housed at the National Archives. Among a variety of subjects were “unidentified flying objects.” Finally, a stockpile of reports and correspondences were available for serious UFO researchers to examine at home. This book consists of selections from those secret files. Dan Wright spent 18 months selecting, editing, and organizing the 550 files that are relevant to UFO research and has produced a chronological collection of CIA documents spanning 1949 to 2000. Each chapter focuses on a particular year. The summary of documents for each year is followed by a section that provides historical and cultural context for the document summaries and examines other sightings and contacts that are not mentioned in the CIA files.


ISBN: 9781590033029

Dimensions: 22.9 and 15.2 cm

Publish Date: 15/10/2019

Page Count: 400