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Bulletproof Spirit, Revised Edition

Author: Willis, Captain Dan

Description: Suicide, substance abuse, depression, anxiety, PTSD, and many more emotional and stress-related problems plague the first responder community. And the issues that challenge first responders ripple out to their immediate and extended families and friends. This unique guide, written by a fellow first responder and based on 25 years of police work and suicide prevention, shows how to prevent, mitigate, and overcome all such “collateral damage.” Employing nondenominational approaches to connecting with and sustaining spirit; proven psychological approaches to addressing trauma and stress; and a variety of field-tested healing techniques, Bulletproof Spirit acts as a kind of bulletproof vest for the heart and mind, working to insure that the protectors are protected. The book’s aim is that those who offer their compassion and strength to others should experience that same sense of life-saving care in their own lives.


ISBN: 9781608686315

Dimensions: 21.6 and 13.9 cm

Publish Date: 1/10/2019

Page Count: 256