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National Georgraphic Kids Dream Journal

Author: National Geographic Kids

Description: Have you ever wondered where your dreams come from? Or why they're so hard to remember? Or how to make that monster in your nightmares a little bit more … friendly? We've got answers to these musings and more!In this journal, you'll explore the mysteries of the unconscious mind from ancient Egypt to today. You'll learn how the ancient Greeks used dreams to answer their questions, how dreams inspired some of the most popular art in recent history, and how your brain works as it conjures up these amazing, imaginitive, and often weird reveries. Plus, you'll find tips on how to get a good night's sleep, remember more about what you dream, and conjure lucid dreams. It's the perfect tool to help kids remember, record, and reflect on their nighttime adventures. Catching Z's has never been so much fun.With plenty of space for writing, lively text, and vibrant imagery, this journal is your go-to place to write, learn, and celebrate the powers of your fantastic, creative brain.


ISBN: 9781426333262

Dimensions: 22.8 and 15.2 cm

Publish Date: 22/07/2019

Page Count: 144