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Punderdome Wild Things Expansion Pack

Author: Firestone, Jo and Firestone, Fred

Description: The smash-hit party game Punderdome has proven that people can't get enough of silly wordplay. Finally, here is a Punderdome expansion pack tied to one of the most popular themes that is perfect for punning: animals. Add this pack of 50 cards that includes 50 animal-themed nouns and 50 punny Q&As to the core game for a fun, more accessible way to play. (This expansion pack includes a link to access the original game instructions online.) With 50 animal-themed nouns and 50 groan-worthy jokes, this Punderdome expansion pack proves that wordplay is here to stay. Add these 50 cards to the mother game for a more dynamic experience.

Publisher: CROWN

ISBN: 9781984824394

Dimensions: 8.9 and 6.4 cm

Publish Date: 20/08/2019

Page Count: 50