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How to Fix Your Sh*t

Author: Wasmund, Shaa

Description: Do you dream of what you want to achieve in life - whether it's setting up your own business, getting in shape, or writing a novel - but never seem to get round to actually doing it? Does now just never feel like a good time to start? In January 2015, Shaa Wasmund made a decision: to finally get what she wanted. 3 years after packing in her business (and her salary) to take the plunge, life is everything she hoped it would be. And she has discovered that the key to getting what you want is within easy reach. It's all in the mind. In How to Fix Your Sh*t, entrepreneur and bestselling author Shaa Wasmund sets out her tried and tested methods for conquering fear and exploring new avenues of opportunity. In this simple and systematic guide, she will empower you to ditch the excuses and start living the life you've always wanted.

Publisher: Portfolio

ISBN: 9780241003718

Dimensions: 23.4 and cm

Publish Date: 17/09/2019