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Author: Levesque, Ryan

Description: Based on the tried-and-tested Ask Method—which has generated over $100m in online sales in 23 industries and counting—this book is a must-have for small-business owners. As a small-business owner, entrepreneur or marketer, are you absolutely certain that you know what your customer wants? And even if you do, are you able to clearly communicate that you offer the exact thing that they are seeking? In this bestselling book, Ryan Levesque lays out his proven, repeatable, yet slightly counterintuitive methodology for understanding the core wants and motivations of your customer. Levesque's Ask Method provides a way to discover what customers want to buy by guiding them through a series of questions and customizing a solution from them so they are more likely to purchase from you. And all through a completely automated process that does not require one-on-one conversations with every single customer.

Publisher: HAY HOUSE

ISBN: 9781401958794

Dimensions: 21.5 and 13.5 cm

Publish Date: 1-Jul-19

Page Count: 216