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Go Vegan

Author: Watson-Tara, Marlene

Description: Discover the incredible health benefits of Go Vegan with Marlene Watson-Tara - Your Expert In Healthy Vegan Living. All 85 recipes in this beautifully illustrated book incorporate the healthiest foods on the planet. The colourful photographs of each recipe will motivate while you salivate. Marlene's inventive, easy-to-follow recipes make eating vegan delicious and easy. Readers of Go Vegan will get a clear understanding of the nutritional and environmental principles for a healthy and delicious way of eating. Science, ancient wisdom and environmental issues are all considered in the creation of Marlene's approach. This is the only vegan cookbook that shows you the "why" as well as the "how". Inside, discover some of the wonderful global fusion main events; creamy mushroom stroganoff, tempeh wellington, almond mung bean burgers, and sweet nosh that you dream about; lemon tart, mini orange chocolate pots and cherry ice-cream. Marlene is an expert in creating bold flavours and textures through her teaching of food and the five tastes, so you won't want to eat junk vegan food. Learn to cook once eat twice, freeze your meals, save money on your groceries, and more importantly, remember, knowledge is stronger than will-power. Going vegan is easy and for long-term success this is the book you need in your kitchen.

Publisher: Lotus Publishing

ISBN: 9781913088033

Dimensions: 24.6 and 18.9 cm

Publish Date: 1-Nov-19

Page Count: 256