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Break the Grip of Past Lovers

Author: Sophia, Jumana

Description: In Break the Grip of Past Lovers, author Jumana Sophia teaches women how to move beyond the lingering betrayals of past relationships to reclaim their personal power, reestablish healthy boundaries, and move forward into deeper and more intimate relationships with a renewed sense of sensual receptivity and emotional balance. With a teaching style that is warm, down to earth, and full of wisdom that speaks to the often-misunderstood vulnerability and power of female sexuality, Jumana guides women beyond the limitations of talk therapy and into a personal homecoming that will become a foundation for truly healthy intimacy in the future. Break the Grip of Past Lovers addresses regret, remorse, low self-esteem, and the inability to connect fully or trust someone new. Jumana guides the reader through experiences of betrayal, neglect, loss of personal power, manipulation, and even experiences that were so beautiful that they have left grief and irreconcilable longing in their place. The journey she presents is a journey of initiation into power, catalyzed by the kind of heartbreak and loss of self that only past sexual relationships can provide.

Publisher: Hierophant Publishing

ISBN: 9781938289958

Dimensions: 20.3 and 13.3 cm

Publish Date: 1-Dec-19

Page Count: 216