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Weird But True! 2020

Author: National Geographic Kids

Description: This bulging compendium is loaded with jaw-dropping, eye-popping, brain-bending facts and bright, bold photography! It pairs the planet's quirkiest, wackiest facts with the coolest and strangest true stories. From amazing asteroids, killer plants, peculiar puffins and wonderful wombats, to the world's tiniest buildings, lost cities and strangest sporting heroes. Whether it's bizarre beaches, cool cable cars, floating buildings, or brilliant bugs, this new 2020 annual is filled with the wackiest facts!Features include: Facts and stories about geography, biology, the animal kingdom, social sciences, human achievement and innovation. Infographics and fact files. Bright, bold photography and illustration. A fact-finding index

Publisher: National Geographic Kids

ISBN: 9780008342159

Publish Date: 1-Sep-19

Page Count: 192