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Haunted Rails

Author: Swayne, Matthew L.

Description: The distant sight of a steam-locomotive rolling across the open prairie is bound to bring about nostalgia for a time long past. But when you read these stories of unquiet railroad ghosts and their tragedy-struck trains, you'll notice the eerie embrace of the unexplained mixed into your quiet reverie. Haunted Rails is filled with stories of ghost trains, haunted locomotives, and spectral cabooses. Within these pages, you'll read the riveting stories of crashes, accidents, and the ghosts that linger in old railroad stations and museums. You'll discover engineers, conductors, and brakeman who perished on the job but have yet to cross over into the light. This book includes dozens of true ghost stories that take place on railroad lines both near and far, including: Flinderation Tunnel on the B&O and CSX mainline An eerie premonition on Canadian Pacific Railway The strange tale of caboose number 1908 of the Louisville and Nashville (L&N) Railroad The apparition in the Railroad Museum of the Penn Central Railroad The ghost of the Nickel Plate Road (NKP) Museum The demon train of the Scottish Highlands The Santa Ana ghost train Abraham Lincoln's haunted funeral train Engineer Brit Craft's heroic deeds outside of Atchison, Kansas The Silverpilen, also known as the haunted steel bullet train of Sweden The haunted caboose of Kentucky President Grover Cleveland's brush with the Maco light on the Atlantic Coast Line Author Philip K. Dick's paranormal encounter on the North Pacific Coast Railroad The paranormal aftermath of the tsunami that destroyed the Hilo Railroad in Hawaii


ISBN: 9780738761336

Publish Date: 1-Nov-19