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Author: Alexander, Victoria

Description: One is a celebration of individuality, yet of sameness. With reflection, insights and humour, it empowers you to think differently about the way you value yourself, to live life feeling proud to be one of many. It's about the human experience, life's inevitable changes, it's for people who want to make the most of the everyday by wholeheartedly embracing what's on offer, accepting risk, trusting your judgement, and it encourages you to try anything on for size. Many return to its pages time after time because it approves of admitting mistakes, of valuing your home as if it's a snail's shell, and it acknowledges your choices are entirely your own, and wants you to ask for your heart's desire while knowing that if you don't you can't expect to get it. It discourages passing judgment and acknowledges the importance of believing in and valuing those close to you. One is for each and everyone who wants to live life meaningfully by embracing freedom and incorporating beauty.

Publisher: MURDOCH

ISBN: 9781760525453

Dimensions: 25.5 and 21 cm

Publish Date: 1-Oct-19

Page Count: 260