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Harry Potter Dark Arts Collectible Set

Author: Lemke, Donald

Description: Twenty years since its debut, the Wizarding World remains a pop culture phenomenon, keeping fans worldwide spellbound with a continual stream of exciting new experiences. This deluxe kit -- celebrating the "darker side" in time for Dark Arts Month -- builds on the range of Running Press's bestselling licensed series! You don't have to be a Dark Wizard, Death Eater, or even a Slytherin to appreciate the Dark Arts! Spotlighting the magical darker side of the Wizarding World, this deluxe kit includes: Keepsake box with molded Death Eater mask embedded into the top, and closing latch. (Mask is not removable.) 5-1/4 x 8", 176-page, flexibound replica of Tom Riddle's diary. It features Dark Arts quotes, descriptions of the 7 horcruxes, and photos and illustrations throughout, plus plenty of space for writing. Also includes a reproduction of the messages between Harry Potter and Tom Riddle, as seen in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Basilisk fang pen. Metallic-ink Dark Mark stickers.


ISBN: 9780762494361

Publish Date: 8/10/2019

Page Count: 176