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CSIRO Low-Carb Diet Quick & Easy, The

Author: Brinkworth, Grant and Taylor, Pennie

Description: Based on emerging research from around the world, as well as original CSIRO research recently conducted in Australia, the low-carb diet has proved successful in managing lifestyle-induced metabolic diseases, including unhealthy weight gain and type 2 diabetes. The diet lowers the proportion of carbohydrate relative to protein and unsaturated 'healthy' fat, and encourages participants to follow a regular exercise routine. This book contains a short recap of the science and advice on how to make the low-carb approach a part of your everyday life, so that this becomes a way of eating for the long-term, and not a quick fix. This edition contains 100 brand-new recipes, answers to FAQs to the low-carb approach, lots of ideas for low-carb eating on-the-run, and 2-week meal plans with shopping lists.


ISBN: 9781760783341

Publish Date: 24/09/2019

Page Count: 256