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Apathetical Sydney

Author: Chappell, Paul and Whiteman, Josh

Description: Welcome to Sydney, the ‘Emerald City’, With the world’s nicest harbour – it’s really quite pretty. The surface is gorgeous but give it a scratch, And you’ll see how the upsides all come with a catch . . . For children, Sydney is a wondrous place of jacaranda trees, chugging harbour ferries and singing ice cream trucks. For the rest of us, Sydney is a cess pit of red-faced road rage, late-running trains and overpriced bloody everything. In this hilarious homage to the kids’ classic Alphabetical Sydney, local creatives Paul Chappell and Josh Whiteman take an adults-only, A–Z tour of one of Australia’s most iconic cities to reveal the truth its residents all recognise: while it looks lovely, it’s f*cking impossible to live in. To anyone who’s ever had a good moan about the lockout laws, parking wardens or just the whole of the Eastern suburbs (but knows deep in their cynical heart that Sydney still beats Melbourne hands down): this book is for you.

Publisher: PENGUIN

ISBN: 9781760892791

Dimensions: 26.2 and 17.5 cm

Publish Date: 05/11/2019