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30-Second Feminism

Author: McCabe, Jess

Description: Feminism is a global movement, developing with each cut and thrust of history to form a parallel 'herstory.' But what are the most important feminist ideas? What do terms like 'patriarchy,' 'rape culture', and 'intersectionality' mean? How have these terms emerged from historical conditions facing women around the world-from a lack of basic rights to harassment and intimidation online? How has activism shaped those ideas and who have been the key activists? From Emily Pankhurst to Beyonce, from how the personal is political to changing views of sisterhood, and from the suffragettes to hashtag feminism, 30-Second Feminism offers readers the fastest way to enter the world of sexual politics fully briefed, with an overview of the main ideas in Feminism today-and an explanation of how they came into being.

Publisher: Quarto

ISBN: 9781782408413

Dimensions: 23 and 18 cm

Publish Date: 1-Nov-19

Page Count: 160