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Art of Being Single

Author: Williams, Candi

Description: Celebrating the freedom and fun of solo living, this book is brimming with inspiration, ideas and practical advice. From going on date nights with yourself and making the most of living the way you choose, to keeping on top of finances and learning to leave loneliness at the front door, The Art of Being Single is your one-stop guide to living a life you love. Reasons for being single: The only person you have to please is yourself You have so much more spare time for adventuring and discovering new hobbies You don't have to have serious 'life' conversations with anyone but yourself You can make your home look exactly how you want it to look You can do whatever, whenever you want So why isn't everyone single?! AUTHOR: Candi Williams writes about everything from amazing food to awesome females. When she's not typing or inking away, you'll probably find her cooking up something delicious, unwinding in a Pilates/Yoga class or drinking wine with lovely friends.


ISBN: 9781786859624

Dimensions: 15.4 and 11.1 cm

Publish Date: 1-Sep-19