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How to Age Joyfully

Author: Pigott, Maggy

Description: 'I commend this book to everyone of all ages, and let us all age joyfully!' - Dame Judi Dench We're living longer let's live better! Getting older should be something to enjoy and celebrate. And it can be. Research shows that we can make a big difference to how well we age. From staying active to connecting with others, this uplifting book shares the secrets to ageing well in eight steps, to help keep you healthy and happy. Each step has easy-to-follow tips, alongside the inspiring words of famous people from Confucius to Joan Collins... and more! Whether you choose to follow some of the advice or all, this is the perfect guide for living a more fulfilled, healthy and joyful life. AUTHOR: Maggy Pigott CBE is relishing retirement, having discovered the joys of dancing (tango and ballet), Twitter and volunteering, including being Vice Chair of Open Age. This London charity helps thousands of people over 50 lead healthy, happy and fulfilled lives. Previously Maggy worked in the public sector. Married for over 40 years, she lives in West London and has two adult children. SELLING POINTS: How To Age Joyfully is an antidote to the negative stereotypes around ageing. It celebrates longevity and advocates the idea that being older is not a barrier to living well and having a joyful life. Each step is broken down into easy-to-follow tips, and the book is useful and succinct, whilst having an inspiring and uplifting tone. How to Age Joyfully takes a holistic approach to ageing, and touches on various topical themes such as mindfulness and positivity. It is complemented by a bright, approachable design which would appeal to a wide audience.


ISBN: 9781786859686

Dimensions: 19.5 and 14.9 cm

Publish Date: 1-Sep-19