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Animal Atlas

Author: Rooney, Anne and Rose, Lucy

Description: Are you ready for this round-the-world animal adventure? Unfold maps to reveal animals from every continent and lift the flaps to see their unique environments and habitats. Discover a world of animals facts, life-size photos and creature features – from a bear’s paw and a baby turtle to an anteater’s tongue and a goliath birdeater, the world’s heaviest spider. EEK! All drawn to scale so you can measure yourself against them. You’ll find animals living on freezing ice caps, high on snowy mountain peaks, in parched deserts and down in the dark depths of the ocean. They fly through the air, crawl among trees, burrow into the earth, plunge through the seas, and prowl the forests – and range from the tiniest of insects too small to see without a magnifying glass to the blue whale, which is longer than three buses.


ISBN: 9781788682602

Dimensions: 27.5 and 25.4 cm

Publish Date: 11/05/2019

Page Count: 32