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Cunning Crow

Author: Dreise, Gregg

Description: Age range 5 to 12Remember — beauty comes from within...Way back, before once-upon-a-time, there was the Dreamtime when all the birds were white. One of those white birds was a crow called Waan.One day a big storm came through and a magnificent rainbow appeared. When the birds passed through the rainbow, one by one, their feathers took on its beautiful colours.Waan flew through the rainbow too and his feathers became a beautiful red and orange. But Waan was jealous of the other birds. He wanted to be more beautifully coloured than anyone. So Waan hatched a cunning plan. But things did not go the way Waan wanted…


ISBN: 9781925768862

Dimensions: 29 and 21.5 cm

Publish Date: 2019-10-01

Page Count: 32