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New Keto-Friendly South Beach Diet, The

Author: Agatston, Arthur, M.D.

Description: The original South Beach Diet defined the cutting edge of healthy weight loss. Now the creator of the classic plan combines his signature diet with the ketogenic diet. With a new emphasis on good carbs, good fats and healthy proteins, The New Keto-Friendly South Beach Diet takes the fundamentals of the original South Beach Diet and adds a science-backed keto twist. Dr Arthur Agatston cuts through the confusion around keto and low carb diets and gives readers a 28-day eating plan that increases satisfaction, decreases appetite and makes it easy to lose weight and keep it off. He also explores why strict ketosis is not necessary to achieve results; the effectiveness of intermittent fasting; and the relationship between yo-yo- dieting and sugar addiction. As this new book reveals, you can boost your metabolism and burn 100- 500 more calories per day by putting your body safely into fat-burning mode with a diet that's more flexible and sustainable than traditional keto. In addition to long-term weight loss, the South Beach Keto plan can enhance your sleep, boost mental sharpness, reduce inflammation and pain, increase your energy and improve heart health. Includes recipes, photos and a meal plan.

Publisher: HAY HOUSE

ISBN: 9781401959173

Dimensions: 23.2 and 19 cm

Publish Date: 7/01/2020