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Everyday Additive-Free

Author: Fry, Tracey and Ling, Joanne

Description: Everyday Additive-free is not an ordinary cookbook, it is a book to teach you about the harmful impact additives may have on our bodies and is designed to show you just how simple it is to move away from the packets and jars, and start getting back to real, homecooked food. With illnesses at an all-time high, get ready to take the power back! There are over 150 additive-free recipes designed for both thermal and traditional cooking methods. You'll find recipes from curries and soups, salads and sides, to desserts and so much more. All of these are designed for busy people like you, wanting to live a healthier lifetsyle. Tracey and Joanne are two sisters who have stamped their authority in the space of living additive-free. Their passion for teaching others the impact additives and preservatives can have on their health stems from Joanne's own personal story. Together they are changing lives and improving the health and happiness of families everywhere. They are public speakers, authors, thoughtleaders, bloggers and mums. They take all these roles seriously and love working side-by-side with each other. This sister duo is simply trying to teach the world to get back to basics, to live cleaner and greener and take back control of the food people eat.

Publisher: Making Magic Happen

ISBN: 9780648664512

Dimensions: 29.7 and 21 cm

Publish Date: 12/12/2019

Page Count: 302