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Sydney in 3D

Author: Davies, Andrew

Description: A collection of Sydney images from its founding to today with a unique and rare collection of original 3D photos including the building of Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Sydney Opera House as well as lost buildings that do not exist today and major icons of the harbour city. It also includes Federation celebrations from 1901 photos which are all presented in this unique book in 3D. highlighting the detail with each building, the fashion of the time, the changing city scape and transport of that period. Some images date back to the dawn of photography back to 1860 and there unique perspective on the way they documented and photographed the city growing around them. Archive stereographs have been converted to images that can be viewed with the 3D glasses provided in the book. This book includes Barangaroo and modern Sydney today with new structures. A one of a kind book on the most beautiful city in the world, for tourist or locals with unique and rare & previously unpublished photographs to now.

Publisher: NEW HOLLAND

ISBN: 9781760791841

Dimensions: 27.8 and 21 cm

Publish Date: 1/11/2019

Page Count: 160