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Art of Language, The

Author: Lonely Planet

Description: Discover and practice 26 scripts from around the world From Arabic and Japanese to Hebrew, Javanese and Cherokee, we showcase 26 unique scripts and alphabets – and teach readers how to beautifully write a local proverb in each with our calligraphy tutorials. Accompanying insights into each language’s roots and popularity today make this a fascinating guide into other cultures and traditions. A highly giftable book for both adults and children Takes readers on a journey into other cultures and writing styles Taps into the desire for learning new skills like calligraphy Featuring scripts from the continents of AFRICA - Arabic, Ge’ez, N’Ko, Tifinagh, Vai, ASIA - Bengali, Burmese, Chinese, Cyrillic, Devanagari, Hangul, Hanuno’o, Japanese, Kawi- Javanese, Khmer, Mongolian, Tamil, Thai, Tibetan, NORTH AMERICA - Cherokee, Cree, MIDDLE EAST - Arabic, Hebrew, Syriac, EUROPE - Armenian, Cyrillic, Georgian, Greek


ISBN: 9781788683043

Dimensions: 24 and 23 cm

Page Count: 128