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Author: Osterberg, Cathrine

Description: Osterberg Ice Cream produces some of the best ice creams and sorbets in Scandinavia. Founder and director of sterberg Ice Cream, Cathrine sterberg, wants to bring to life the science, the methods and the creative fun you can have when making this cooling treat. After years of studying the mechanics of creating the best ice cream, sterberg Ice Cream realised that people love eating ice cream but not many people know what goes into making the different flavours and textures of ice cream. The recipes for the ice cream is clear and easy to follow and provides a combination of understanding how to use a variety of ingredients but also how to have some fun along the way. In this book we see a sterberg's signature style - clean, fun and minimal.

Publisher: WOODSLANE

ISBN: 9789187815614

Publish Date: 1/11/2019

Page Count: 112