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Where in the World?

Author: Monaco Books

Description: Lying on the beach, letting the sand trickle between your toes and enjoying sweet idleness? Exploring exciting cities and getting carried away by the rhythm of a metropolis? Embarking on a safari at dawn, smelling the earthy savannah and seeing wild animals up close? Ambling through ancient ruins and tracking a long-forgotten culture? Everyone has a different definition of what makes the perfect holiday, and the world is full of places that offer something that caters to every taste, whether culturally significant, or simply beautiful. Where in the World? takes you to the most beautiful places on Earth, and shows you where wildlife photographers, hobby historians or party animals, seekers of silence or art lovers will all find their very own piece of holiday happiness. From the steppes of Africa, to the rainforests of the Amazon, from the geysers of Iceland to the blue lagoons of the Caribbean, this book journeys to all the places that must be seen at least once in a lifetime. SELLING POINTS: Every holidaymaker has a different definition of what makes the perfect getaway. This book takes you to all the global dream destinations, with amazing images and informative text Over 500 brilliant colour photos Important travel information


ISBN: 9783955049058

Dimensions: 22.6 and 18.5 cm

Publish Date: 1/12/2019