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We are all leaders. We all have the ability to influence others and create change. We are truly powerful beyond measure. But why is that message so hard to truly comprehend? Rod A. Macpherson explores why were stuck in a spiral of fear driven behaviour that results in the exploitation of our natural resources, and each other, with little consideration for the impact on our precious world. He argues that we create our own reality, and therefore, we can create the life and world we want. Learn how to: explore your personal power and take responsibility for your life; take personal responsibility in order to save the environment; find new ways for economies, environments, businesses, and individuals to co-exist in sustainable ways; apply discoveries in quantum connectedness to promote education and leadership models: * explore the difference between awareness and consciousness and the value of purpose It is no longer acceptable for us to stand by and wait for someone else to save our world. Being an observer is in effect giving permission for the insanity to continue. It is time for a new leadership paradigm. We alone have the power to change the world and repair our fragile environment by simply changing the way we think. The time for change is upon us. The next phase of our evolution into higher consciousness is here right now.

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