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This is the second edition of a book that has already proved of timeless popularity. White Eagle, the renowned spiritual teacher, does not speak in any conventional way of Jesus. Instead he seeks to help each one of us realise their own closeness to a teacher who is at once a person who lived a life not unlike our own, and is also the perfect manifestation of a Christ spirit alive within each one of us. All of a sudden Jesus takes on a new form, appearing at one moment as a perpetual healer (of our hearts as well as those he healed beside Galilee) and at another as a teacher of even greater vision, newness and power. This interpretation is esoteric and mystical, but it bears the stamp of one who knows, we feel as we read that White Eagle has a real awareness of the continuing spirit of Christ. Chapters include one on who, from the spiritual point of view, Jesus really was and one on the out working of divine law, and another on sayings and parables of Jesus. There are also chapters on Jesus as healer, and four more chapters on Jesus’ teachings, while the book closes with a chapter, ‘In the Aquarian Age’ about the age towards which Jesus’ teaching leads us. The book reminds us yet again how inspiring is the teaching that comes to us from this very deep source.

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