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SKU: 9780593110225 Children

A Sumptuously Illustrated Exploration Of The Joy That Comes With Creating Art For One’s Own Self There Once Was A Time When All The Colors, From Midsummer Blue To Sunrise Orange, Lived At The Tip Of Annie’s Fingers… But When Her Classmates’ Sidelong Glances Cause Annie To Notice All The Tiny Flaws In Her Art, Her Colorful Creative Spark Fades–quite Literally–to Gray. With Lyrical Prose And Eye-catching Illustration Author-artist Lisa Anchin Shows Readers How To Find The Beauty In Imperfections And Celebrate The Joy Of Creation For Creations’ Sake.


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A sumptuously illustrated exploration of the joy that comes with creating art for one’s own self. There once was a time when all the colors, from midsummer blue to sunrise orange, lived at the tips of Annie’s fingers…But when her classmates’ sidelong glances cause Annie to notice all the tiny flaws in her art, her colorful creative spark fades–quite literally–to gray. With lyrical prose and eye-catching illustration author-artist Lisa Anchin shows readers how to find the beauty in imperfections and celebrate the joy of creation for creations’ sake.

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