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Immerse Yourself in the BBQ Road Trip of a Lifetime Master pitmaster Ed Randolph hit the road to discover the best barbecue the United States has to offer—from South Carolina to California and everywhere in between. In Smoked, Ed gives you the inside scoop on the country’s best barbecue joints and the grilling legends behind them—as well as their iconic recipes for you to try at home. Pop into Buxton Hall BBQ for a lesson on Smoked Whole Chicken with Red Sauce. Elevate your dinner with Beef Ribs with Adobo from Home Team BBQ. And don’t forget about the perfect side to accompany your barbecue feast—give The Salt Lick BBQ’s unique coleslaw or Sam Jones BBQ’s super savory Barbecue Baked Beans a try. In addition to sharing stories and recipes from some of the country’s best hidden gems, Ed gives you all the tips, tricks and insights you need to advance on your journey to barbecue mastery. Become a pro at a variety of rubs, slather your barbecue with a sauce for every palate and take your place as the pitmaster in your home.

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